Chester University Chinese New Year Banquet with Chester's Lord Mayor, Cllr Alex Black


St Mary's Handbridge Centre Come along to the beautiful St Mary's Handbridge Centre and enjoy Beginners and Intermediate Tai Chi Classes. Starting Thursday 10th Jan and then every Thursday between 5:00pm to 06:00pm

THS has opened a new Tai Chi centre in Handbridge, the Beginners & Intermediate Tai Chi classes will start on Jan 10th 2019 between 5-6pm every Thursday. You will learn the Tai Chi movements and the Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridian (TCMM) theory that explains why these graceful and low impact actions have considerable benefits to your mind and body. Come along in January for the discounted price of £5 instead of £7. Dr. Tian is currently working at the Nuffield Health Centre where patients are referred to her for this type of physiotherapy treatment.

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New Beginners course Come along to the Community Leisure & Learning Centre at the University Church of England Academy every Saturday 10:00pm to 11:00pm

THS has many years of experience and has been working in the Ellesmere Port and Chester areas for the last two years. We have many patients from as young as 13 up to and including 87 years of age and Tai Chi has rewarded all of them regardless of age with improvements to general health. Our practitioners include people with [high blood pressure] [diabetes] [bone, muscle and connective tissue problems] [post and pre operation patients] [cancer patients] [Mental Health patients] but overall the Tai Chi Experience will improve general health , balance and stimulate the central nervous system to improve the immune system.

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Every Thursday @ 2-3pm
Every Saturday 2 hours from 3:00pm - 04:00pm (BEGINNERS) and 4:10 - 5:10

THS in association with Nuffield Health Centre in Chester will hold a beginners Tai Chi and Health Qigong lessons in Studio 1 at the Nuffield Health Centre. Book at the reception between 6:30am - 9 pm Tel: 01244 689830

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Saturday 21 October 2017 @ 4 - 5pm

THS in association with Nuffield Health Centre in Chester will hold a demonstration of Tai Chi including "Health Qigong", "Tai Chi Chuan", "Tai Chi Sword" and "Kung Fu Fan". Welcome to come and try this new experience for free. The courses will be coming soon and this will be announced by the Nuffield Centre in due course.

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on 10th JUNE 2017

THS celebrated 1 year of teaching at the Ellesmere Port Sports Village [EPSV] with demonstrations of the Tai Chi achievements by the practitioners of the club. The demonstrations included: Health Qigong - "Ba Duan Jin" and "Yi Jin Jing", Tai Chi Chuan 24 "Yang Style", Tai Chi Chuan 32 Sword, Kung Fu Fan 1, Tai Chi "Old Form One" Chen Style.

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Students thank Dr Tian for her hard work over the year.

The students of the Trust Health Service Tai Chi Institute celebrating the 1 year of existence, thank Dr. Najia Tian for her hard work, and patience in helping them all to the standard they are enjoying. Dr. Tian was presented with a bouquet of flowers and present from Mrs Janet Money and Mrs Ann Lloyd on behalf of the practitioners in the group.

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Complete the Form

Prepare Yourself

Basic Tai Chi

3 Levels of Tai Chi



Tai Chi DVDs

Tai Chi Chuan 24 (Yang Style)

Tai Chi Chuan 24-form is a Yang Style Tai Chi with 24 steps or actions that takes between 4-6 minutes. As the steps or actions are low impact, coupled with a smooth posture it is recognised as the basic or easy to learn simplified Tai Chi Chuan. This form is suitable for the elderly or the young, and is the most practiced form throughout China and the rest of the world

Tai Chi Sword 32 (Yang Style)

Tai Chi Sword is a weapon form of Tai Chi . Tai Chi Sword 32 form has theoretical traditions in Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. This is the basic form of Tai Chi Sword that has easy to learn and remember steps. This form has been widely accepted and impletmented around the world as the primer course for Tai Chi System.

Tai Chi Chuan Old Frame 1 (Chen Style)

Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan is one of the oldest of traditional tai chi, and has slow spiral movements that are the essence of this style. The Chen-style Tai Chi Chuan Old Frame 1 actions are relatively simple and are the basic learning for Chen Style Tai Chi. It is mostly made up off soft spiralling movements intersperced with forceful strength based punches. It is suitable for practitioners with good physical health.


Tai Chi Chuan 42 (Competition)

Tai Chi Chuan 42 is a competition form, made up from the Yang movements with aditions of Chuan, Chen, Wu, and Sun and other representative action genre. This was created the appropriate difficulty and ensured that the practioner adopts all of the various techniques and also reflects the need for fitness.

Tai Chi Sword 42 (Competition)

Tai Chi Sword 42 form has 42 movements, including 18 sword strokes and 5 step forms, taking about 4 minutes to complete. This form has the characteristics of Yang, Wu and Chen style Tai Chi Sword, and is recognised as the competition form used throughout the sword martial arts associations

Tai Chi Chuan 56 Chen Style(Competition)

The Chen-style Tai Chi Chuan 56 is the recognised steps used in Chinese National Competitions. This Competition style is made up from the basic actions of Old Frame 1 and Old Frame 2. This form has Slow and Fast continuous actions with stretching movements. Tai Chi 56 is ideal for public exhibition and fitness training.


Tai Chi Seated

Seated Tai Chi Chuan, also known as wheelchair Tai Chi is predominatly for people with disabilities or dysfunction of the lower limbs. All movements are made from the sitting position and are relevent to the upper body actions and that each movement is driven by the idea of lower limb activity, to achieve a whole body workout.

Ba Duan Jin

Ba Duan Jin is an ancient Chinese health and fitness Qigong exercise routine. The eight sections of easy movement exercises are designed to support the health of the human organs. It aligns itself with the intensity and theory of kinetic Tai Chi movements, coupled with preparatory posture and closing form to make the exercise complete

Tai Chi Fan

Tai Chi Fan is one of the weapon form of Tai Chi. This Tai Chi form is combined from Traditional Yang and Sun Style Tai Chi Chuan, Chinese Opera and Chinese Dance movements. It has many benefits for the body and mind, by improving general health and coordinating hand,eye and feet movements. Its slow graceful and colourful movements are a joy to perform and master