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Health Culture Exchange Main Page

What is the Health Culture Exchange Program

The Trust Health Service Health Culture Exchange is centred around all aspects of Health Culture.

The main goals of the Health Culture Exchange is as follows:
1.Promote Chinese Health Culture in The UK.
2.To showplace Harbin to a global audience.
3.Promote the video program called “Yang Sheng”.
4.Initiate ties between Harbin and a City in North England.
5.Promote better Health and Wellbeing among the elderly.
6.Dialogue and exchange between exercise and dance groups in both countries.

The handshake is currently between the North East China and in particular the wonderful city of Harbin and the North West of England.
The initial focus will be on bringing Master Tai Chi experts from China to the United Kingdom to demonstrate and perform for the people of the area. The company are currently looking at venues to show off this talent free of charge and in particular, schools colleges and any facility or show that would benefit from the experience. The Tai Chi Masters will also complete appraisals of the pupils of the THS Tai Chi Club and help with teaching programs. The Tai Chi Club will also have the opportunity to travel to Harbin in China to attend Tai Chi lessons at Clubs within the Harbin Tai Chi association and forge links with the practitioners there. We hope that some of the English Culture can rub off on the people there. The Tai Chi Club will arrange a program to show off the talents that have been learned in the United Kingdom. We are hoping that some colleges or schools become involved in the various competitions that are available in China and THS would set up all of the necessary safeguards etc to make this happen. Please review the student packs that will be sent to your schools, colleges or if requested online through this website.

Future plans THS are currently looking into the traditional dance of China and have already started filming some of the more famous dances. The plan is to mimic the Tai Chi Exchange with the dancing. THS has 2 Dance Clubs associated with its programs and would look to try and set up an exchange with UK Dance Clubs in the future.