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Trust Health Service (THS) originated in 2011 by Professor N. Tian, as a service to improve the healthcare roles in China. During Professor Tian's time at University she started research, with some of the top academics at the university, that identifies how Tai Chi can affect the general health of the practitioner. The research also included a review of what benefits Tai Chi can have for the prevention or easing of symptoms of certain ailments or diseases i.e ageing diseases such as Parkinsons, Dementia etc, Cardiovascular or Arthritis problems.

In the United Kingdom THS will start its operations in August 2015 with the opening of the Tai Chi club. Venues will be posted on-line and a marketing campaign will be starting in summer 2015. This club will offer a complete and unique Tai Chi experience, where members will be trained in pure Tai Chi and have the opportunity to be evaluated by experienced and qualified Tai Chi Referees and Evaluators from both UK and China. There will be opportunities to get evaluation and competitions in China to be arranged later in the year. This unique opportunity will be a chance to enjoy the Tai Chi and warmness of the Chinese people of the club that you will do training with. Also enjoying the North East of China, offering the winter wonderland of the International Ice Sculpture Exhibition in Harbin, or the wealth of historical Sites and beautiful natural landscapes of the summer. All of this while you rub shoulders with a common language of Tai Chi

THS UK Health Culture Exchange
As part of the "Chinese Sharing Culture Program" started in 2013, THS is setting up a Health Culture Exchange Program that will promote Chinese Tai Chi, Traditional Dance, Benefits of Chinese food etc.. by firstly bringing a group of Tai Chi practitioners to the North West of England to showpiece the skills and start a regular exchange from China-UK-China. THS is also forming a Tai Chi Club, operational throughout the North West England and offering Tai Chi evaluation and competition in China. THS has very close links with the Tai Chi Association of North East China and they are ready to offer their facilities and staff to accommodate the THS programs.

Trust Health Service : Company Profile and Management Team (UK & China)

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    Professor Najia Tian (Owner & Director)

    Medical (Immunology) Professor Mrs Najia Tian and Deputy Director of Heilongjiang Rehabilitation Institute Sub Health Professional Committee and Vice Chairman of the Osteoporosis Committee, started the company in China to improve healthcare. In research programs, Tai Chi has emerged as an important part of improving health of all ages. As part of Dr Tian's goal of spreading accurate Chinese Culture around the world, she set up a company in the UK specifically to create a "Health Culture Exchange" and sharing of resources to improve both counties health and healthcare. DR. Tian is a 6th Duan Tai Chi Master, National Tai Chi Instructor and Provincial highest level Tai Chi teacher and Tai Chi Referee.

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    Mr David Turton (CEO & Director)

    David's background is in Senior Management in the Oilfield Services Industry with a strong influence in Health and Safety. He has brought his Management Skills to THS, along with technical expertise in the health field. He started with THS at the conception of the company shaping and building the company to its current standard.

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    Tuoran Yang (Project Management)

    Tuoran has been in Marketing since leaving Warwick University UK. He has worked in various businesses in China and is remotely responsible for the day-to-day business operations of THS China. On completion of his MSc in Business excellence he moved back to China working in the home design industry and worked his way from shop floor level through Brand Manager and onto General Manager of a "Top of the range" Home Improvement retailer.

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    Carole Chambers (Import & Export Manager)

    Carole has worked on both sides of the Import Export business in the Border Agency and also as an agent with a small but progressive UK Company. She has been responsible for the day to day running of a small agency and has also been involved in the major decisions into the future investments and goals of that company. She gained many new accounts because of her knowledge and skill. Carole has brought all of that knowledge to THS and is responsible for the movement of our stock in China to the United Kingdom.

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    Susu Tian (Finance Manager)

    Susu has a bachelor degree in economy and is a qualified Senior Accountant. She is responsible for all the financial details of the THS China operations, and is remotely responsible along with Mr Tuoran Yang (Project Manager) for the day to day running of THS China.

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