Tai Chi Apparel

It is essential when practicing Tai Chi that you need loose clothing and appropriate shoes. Over the years, Tai Chi clothing has become an integral part of the culture of Tai Chi and it is considered that wearing this clothing and shoes is the most appropriate and comfortable.

Tai Chi Clothing

Tai Chi clothing is traditionally made from silk and cotton due to its smooth and soft nature. Its light, elegant and slides over the body well while offering good moisture absorption and radidly discharges the wet appearance from the clothing to keep the skin dry.

Tai Chi Shoes

It is important to wear Tai Chi Shoes to meet the body's physiological structure and exercise requirements of Tai Chi. The shoes must meet two requirements, ie, good damping effect and good stability. Tai Chi shoes design is different from other sports shoes as the sole is flat and hard, to maintain balance.

Other Preparations

Other preparations before doing Tai Chi, is best to remove watches, jewelry or other accessories, because these things will impede action.If your hair is long, it is best to tie up.

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Peace of Mind, Breathe Naturally, Calm your Heart and Relax the body

The basic characteristics of Tai Chi are, mental focus by discharging all distracting thoughts and thus improving self regulation, calmness of the heart by reducing stress and relaxing and loosening of the body. Whilst calm, concentrate on every movement of the routine, and start using the mind to guide each action. Beginners to Tai Chi will find it very difficult to control breathing, so its important to just keep to natural style of breathing. As you progress in learning Tai Chi you will be able to control your breathing using the Tai Chi Methods eg “Chuan Style Breathing”. Poor breathing techniques will make balance difficult, can cause mental stress making it difficult to relax body, and the occurrence of negative changes in the body does not meet the Tai Chi Chuan Characteristics.

Peace of mind is an important part of the Tai Chi experience, beginners should first learn to relax, breathe naturally and concentrate.

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Basic Tai Chi Posture

HEAD should upright, not bowed, slanted backwards or askew and should be held in the natural position.
NECK must be straight, upright not held under pressure or too loose.
SHOULDERS should be relaxed with the arms in the lower relaxed position.
ELBOWS should be relaxed and sag downwards, naturally bent and not stiff.
CHEST should be in the naturally relaxed position, not puffed up.
WAIST should be aligned, relaxed, loose, and heavy.
HIPS should be aligned with waist and shoulders not prominent or bowed.
THIGHS should be loose allowing the waist and hip joints to be more flexible and coordinated.