alternate text Trust Health Service is a healthcare company that has a Tai Chi focus. The benefits of Tai Chi have been long established and research has shown an increasing healthcare value to students. The pressures of academic life are varied and sometimes intense, and a break and mental focus that realigns the student with the present, and without distraction it will recharge the immunity to stress.
What Tai Chi offers your School or University.
Tai Chi offers an inexpensive way to improve the academic results, through lowering stress levels, refocussing the practitioners to ther academic targets, while improving concentration and general health.
Improve student focus.
The break from the academic routine to focus, breathe correctly, avoid distraction, concentrate on the present, and exercise safely will improve the focus of the student.
Reduce stress and improve confidence.
Tai Chi will teach students how to focus on the exercise routine and avoid the distractions around them and the stressors like examinations, home life, growing up etc.. All this, and an exercise with with a concentration of the mind, that breeds confidence.
Safe and low impact.
Unlike most other sports Tai Chi is low impact and the “NO Pain NO Gain” attitude does not apply. The physicality and elegance appeals to both gender, without harming the body.
Improves strength and agility.
Tai Chi will exercise the whole body including the internal organs. Regular practice will build muscle, aid weight loss, improve strength that builds confidence in your own physique.
Engages disassociated students.
Tai Chi for health is not competitive and that helps children of all ages engage in the programme. Health Qigong has had some excellent results that focus all children on the day ahead.

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