The University and School Applications of Tai Chi


THS can set up a Tai Chi Club at your facility be it University or School. The Club can meet at regular intervals, during or after academic hours and THS will report directly to the relevant authority on progress. The classes will be structured to a natural progression of the practitioners abilitiess, and if required split classes into study groups. The ideal length of time for a period would be 45 minutes to an hour. THS can supply all of the equipment required for the lesson but if practitioners would like to purchase their own they can by logging onto the website and getting a student discount of 10%

Note: It is important to attend classes or one on one training to master the coordination of the feet,hands and eyes. THS Teachers can instruct in accurate and timely Tai Chi


As THS will be instructing on more than one Tai Chi Club and School/University we will be setting up Tai Chi Competitions to have set goals for the students. We will use tour Evaluators for these events. The competitions will be set up with two main goals. (1) The evaluation of authentic Tai Chi. (2) A group representing the Tai Chi Club that can invent their routine within certain rules (thse rules will be made available as required). Opportunities can be made available to travel to China to compete in University Competitions in the future, but this will have to be arranged through the University and Government Authorities

Note: The use of information on this website, the use of DVD's for home use and attended classes is the best way to improve this level of attainment


Student Opportunities are varied and in some cases quite extreme. THS will be able to offer the following:
1. Instructor Training : For thise students that take Tai Chi seriously and want to embrace this activity into their lives, THS will offer the opportunity of becoming a Tai Chi coach and in time get their coaching certificate from the UK authority.
2. Overseas Tai Chi Students. THS can set up dialogue between students with the common interest of Tai Chi.
3. THS can mediate or setup travel plans and itineraries that will focus around Tai Chi learning but expose students to a culture and history far divorced from their own.