Tai Chi 32 Sword Teaching DVD

THS have made a series of fitness regimes DVDs involving Chinese Tai Chi sword, each routine has been ratified by the China Sports Bureau, and the Chinese Wushu Research Institute. 32-forms Tai Chi sword DVD is taught and demonstrated by an experienced teacher, Songhua Hou. She is a 7th Dan Wu Shu Master, National Coach and Referee of the highest level. Chunhe Liu a Wu Shu 6th Dan Master demonstrates the movements under the tutilage of Songhua Hou. This DVD describes how to handle the sword, the coordination of the sword and body, the offense and defensive movements, and the balance of the body weight with each step action. This DVD is divided into four teaching sections of eight steps, and each section shows front, back and teaching notes. The sections are repeated several times in order to grasp the steps quickly in a special teaching method developed by THS. The DVD is divided so that the 32-Tai Chi sword experience is accurate, and easy to learn and ultimately to move the body and sword in unity with right balance and rhythm. This simplified form, is a series of 32 sword steps/movements that can be performed in about three or five minutes. It was designed as an easily learned series of movements that could be used by anyone to improve their health.