Tai Chi Fan

Tai Chi Fan is one of the weapon form of Tai Chi. This Tai Chi form is combined from Traditional Tai Chi Chuan, Chinese Opera and Chinese Dance movements. It has many benefits for the body and mind, by improving general health and coordinating hand,eye and feet movements. Its slow graceful and colourful movements are a joy to perform and master

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Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan 1

Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan 1 is an elegant yet dynamic weapons form of Tai Chi. The movements derive from various sources i.e. Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Traditional Chinese Dance, all synchronized by energetic and motivational music. There are two Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan routines and are both created by Professor Li Deyin in 2001 and was first demonstrated in Beijing Olympics in 2008. Most weapon forms of Tai Chi are very energetic but the Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan 1 is suitable for all ages as it can be performed in an elegant and graceful manner or energetic and dynamic for the young or fit people.

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Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan 2

After the success of Tai Chi Fan one, Professor Li Deyin created the celebrated Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan 2. The steps or movements are much more dynamic and martial and combines movements form various martial arts, Bagua, Cha Chuan, Chang Chuan, Chen & Sun Style Tai Chi Chuan, Spear, staff and movements from other styles. This form has received tremendous popularity and practiced by many enthusiasts and due to its dynamic and martial style, it is particularly suitable for enthusiasts who would like progression from the 1st routine. Martial Arts enthusiasts would also find this routine uplifting and it serves a great complement to their Martial Arts practice.

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